⚠ Scam/Theft - N/A ⚠

Date Abuse Type Abuser Platform Notes
21.11.2022 Scam/Theft samuel kester chukwuka alexander victor odinakachukwu N/A These addresses were part of a romance scam that affected a family member from 2019-2022. I have much more information on the individuals that conducted this scam. These individuals are nigerians that are in their 20s and are now living in another more upscale african country. they kept on changing google voice numbers and kept alternating whatsapp accounts. typical yahoo boys from nigeria. They also may be selling drugs as they keep sending money to darknet market places. Lots of evidence points to a key source of revenue for these guys from darknet market places in addition to romance scams. 16pT8EydyrqqTReu2wkq3pqzkeoCZh9WHZ was the most commonly intermediary wallet from the 2019 to 2022 romance scam. it connects like 75 percent of the defrauded funds. there are many more addresses. For example one can do blockchain analysis on the theft address bc1qf66sdv3cjahzdfy4ax90a2un8ehpck85zc6fhg( spring 2022) and find all their up to date cashout points and other intermediary wallets. They run different phishing scams on several pop up domains, run phishing scams on darknet websites, are fake sellers on darknet websites, run scam forex investing sites, scam covid 19 relief funds, sell drugs. All in addition to romance scams. And they also recruit people to kyc crypto exchanges by giving them commission.https://www.chainabuse.com/report/3fe7becc-0b11-4eee-b2b6-4f2e78e8d4a9?context=profile-self&username=moneroking

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