⚠ Blackmail Scam - N/A ⚠

Date Abuse Type Abuser Platform Notes
18.09.2022 Blackmail Scam allegedly Matthew An N/A My steam account was reported by a person who claims that they have been in contact with steam support to get my account banned. said steam support was able to access my account somehow and lock me out and required me to make multiple payments using bitcoin as a verification method. scammed me out of approximately 1000 euros. Checked the transaction history of the address to be sent and there were a lot of roundabout transfers from account to account with certain accounts that were just stopovers because as soon as they received money they would transfer that money to other addresses. The largest address I could find linked would be this one : 3KuauMDo55mPCdyk5KYXvRboFffLHgSfU2 which sent money to addresses without any transaction histories except recieving from said account like: 3F4i27oFRhb3bbWevRqKWNS9X1QXPrdQGV 36rmerGeME5BGpCESRxqcfFw4DSq7W7C4w 36j3BX3N3HfWF3VfgAWgFsZ8HMpESGotBB 3K46cjfxLnKTHrtcZFaXJQBfxPwz3wDc1q 3GzottWbj1hW88rERJRqzKJMmmzKrgYcGu I don't care if I no longer see my money ever again but I wish to be able to take down these scammers.

*Some data may be incomplete

File a new report for this Bitcoin address: 1FegLsk3co3AkoBtMi5HidNZm4gpfErgmS

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