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Date Abuse Type Abuser Platform Notes
23.06.2022 Scam/Theft "Cyrus Dobre" though I believe this is a fake name. N/A This fake Cyrus Dobre had me convinced that I was dealing with the real YouTuber Cyrus Dobre and that a Dobre VIP membership would come with a fancy hand crafted VIP card and merchandise. He told me to pay by Bitcoin ATM and it would cost $800. The membership allegedly had many perks to go with it as well. So I fell for his story and after several weeks of savings, I paid it. When I did not received after 1 week, I waited that long despite being told it was to be delivered, Overnight Air through FedEx. After 1 week and still no package arrival from FedEx, I requested a refund. The persons User ID on Google Chat that was to handle the refund request was known as, Fedex Manager. It has been nearly a month and no package of any sort from them has been delivered nor has any refund been submitted.

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