⚠ Ransomware - Email ⚠

Date Abuse Type Abuser Platform Notes
13.01.2022 Ransomware Unknown Email I connected to the webcam remotely, and turned off the indicator so that you would not notice anything. I have already written down all your contacts from the address book. All contacts from friends, acquaintances, relatives. All this will be with me. I am ready to forget about all this and completely stop accessing your computer and email. I guarantee I will not send these videos and delete all archives with them. After that I will leave and no longer bother you, but for that I want to have $500 worth of bitcoins in my wallet. You have 48 hours after reading this email. I still control your email and computer - and I know when you open them and read them. Don't try to change your email password, everything is under control. Do not try to contact me and answer this letter. I sent it to you from your email address. Take a look at the sender, you will see that I have complete control over your email and your computer.

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