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23.06.2022 Scam/Theft Betnomi.com Website Hello, 3NMTNT7s7799s28PNY5E47k7t11CXELyYD is my personal BTC deposit address for Betnomi.com (a crypto sportsbook). I deposited 0.0278986BTC on May 2, 2022 at 7:34PM. Blockchain ID: ac191ec6b3475ed828a9664ad07e96338ce64d208f56cdf294dbbd3191138ef2 My Betnomi BTC deposit address: 3NMTNT7s7799s28PNY5E47k7t11CXELyYD If you search this online and click on the first link it will bring you to this link: https://hashxp.org/tx/ac191ec6b3475ed828a9664ad07e96338ce64d208f56cdf294dbbd3191138ef2 This confirms that the Blockchain ID and deposit address are a matching transaction. It seems that my deposited money was divided by multiple addresses according to the report and I am not sure how to get my money back. Betnomi stole it from me and said i never deposited

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