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21.06.2022 Scam/Theft Unknown N/A On 04/09/2022, $8170.94 worth of bitcoin (0.19097876 BTC) and $812.24 worth of terra luna (8.343277 LUNA) were stolen from my Exodus wallet on my home desktop computer. The bitcoin Transaction ID is 721d9828457341b6a758d841145d6dbea2b07e50fc5d749539ae532e075d09bc sent to bc1q6g7scs6u33ca2nfpgxkvcejpfmgt9wzh44vdqn, fee amount 0.00005925 BTC. The terra luna Tranaction ID is 8F406DB42BEC0557ECD282C5B081D68D20C16A3126366630F8092DCB79D8AB63 sent to terra1ql5ltq2ke2tpf575j76gzuijjugtfxncv8d0nvw, fee amount 0.001133 LNUA.

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